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Our Story

At Urban Waxx we are a group of warm, friendly, happy people who share one common goal: giving you the best wax and the most over the top guest experience imaginable.  That means from the moment your foot steps through our door you feel welcomed, at ease, and totally taken care of by our waxing professionals. We are committed to excellence with every experience, and we cannot wait to make you happy!

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Named Best Waxing Salon in Portland with Willamette Week since 2014

Meet the Team

Shannon Beekman


Shannon is the Founder and visionary behind Urban Waxx. A New Jersey girl at heart, Shannon moved to Portland (by way of Charleston, SC, and LA), in January 2007. After 10 years of working in spas and salons all around the country, she opened her dream business: a wax only salon with an over the top customer service philosophy and an unflagging passion for empowerment.  Shannon is also the creator and developer of Serious Serum and Fresh wipes

Urban Waxx Waxing Salon

Sarah Hillenbrand

Retail Director

pronouns: she/her

Sarah grew up in Saint Paul, Minnesota on a farm. She and her boyfriend decided to pack their bags and move to Oregon. She came to the right place because her favorite hobbies are hiking, camping, and all things outdoors. She currently has over 30 house plants in her home and she has no plan to stop there. Those aren’t her only babies though, she has 2 cats named Winston and Sebastian that she loves dearly. Some of her main interests are shopping, interior design, and art. Which lead her to school for Fashion Merchandising. Fun fact about Sarah is that she hated chocolate all her life until about 2 years ago and now she can’t get enough.

Know a product line that you think we will love? Connect with Sarah here.

Urban Waxx Waxing Salon

Jordan Godejahn

Inventory & Supply Coordinator

pronouns: he/him

Jordan was born and raised in Minnesota and made the move to Portland with his partner, Sarah who is our Retail Sales Manager. He also works at Nike on the visual merchandising team. He played football and ran track at the University of St. Thomas and still loves to get out and toss the ball around when he can. He also enjoys all things outdoors including, hiking, camping, and fishing. When Jordan isn’t working he focuses his time on his passion for photography.

Eugene Waxing Salon Team Member

Olivia Paul

Retail and Supply Manager

pronouns: she/her

Olivia loves living in Oregon because the exploring options are endless. She is only an hour or so away from the beach, city, and mountains. In her spare time, you can find her walking or running along the river in Eugene. She enjoys waking up early because she finds it very peaceful before everyone else wakes up. Her favorite caffeinated drink is Yerba Mate and in fact, she gets free cans to explore and take pictures with since she is sponsored by them. Trader Joe’s wins being her favorite store by a landslide. It’s where she gathers all her ingredients for cooking and baking, which she has a passion for. She hopes to learn more about culinary arts after college. A few of Olivia’s favorite things include legos and puzzles, sushi, and thrift shopping.

Alexa Ouimet

Scheduling Coordinator

pronouns: she/her

Alexa spends most of her time writing her novel and updating her blog. When she isn’t pouring her heart into her writing, she is working on abstract art. Her crafty side doesn’t stop there, she is also passionate about making candles and loves the challenge of configuring scent profiles. She has a cat named Boots but calls him Booty because she thinks he’s a treasure. Alexa also enjoys hiking, spending time with friends and family, and loves to read a good murder mystery. A few of her favorite things include Whole Bowl, the rainy season, and she is a real sucker for a Tootsie Pop.

Portland Waxing Salon General Manager

Ashley Carron

Director of Operations

pronouns: she/her

Born and raised in San Diego, Ashley has lived in the beautiful Pacific Northwest for just over eight years. She received her Master’s Degree in Speech Communications and Anthropology at Oregon State University, where she also taught classes in Public Speaking. Ashley’s hobbies include traveling, camping, and exploring. She loves her family and claims that with three siblings under the age of ten, there’s never a dull moment. Ashley’s bright energy will keep your nerves down, being sure to send you on your way happy, excited, and refreshed with the new and smoother you!

You can reach Ashley here.

Urban Wax Waxing Salon Team Member

Sydney Zacharias

Operations Manager

pronouns: she/her

Sydney is a Northern California gal who made her way to Oregon to be a first-generation college student. After countless late-night study sessions and maybe a tear or two, she recently received her MBA and we couldn’t be more proud and happy for her. She has a puppy named Raegan, who she adores and loves spending time with her at the beach. Sydney loves to stay active by hiking, taking a yoga or pilates class, and just roaming down the isles of Trader Joe’s searching for new items (don’t we all?!). She has a passion for traveling, Bali and Italy has been her favorite so far but she is excited to venture out to new places. Sydney is a total foodie and is always in search of new spots. Have a favorite restaurant in Portland? She wants to hear about it.

Urban Waxx Waxing Salon

Kaylynn Whitney

Marketing & Creative Director

pronouns: she/her

Kaylynn is a California girl who found her home in Portland. She is happiest while road tripping and movie theater popcorn is the secret to her heart. When she isn’t diving into all things marketing she has a creative passion for handmade macrame. A few of her favorite things include her pup Nollie, all sour candy, outdoor activities, and binge-watching Netflix. Kaylynn began as a Guest Experience Manager, but her natural flair for design and her passion for social media made her a natural fit to lead our Marketing and Creative department. Kaylynn runs all of our Social Media, as well as planning Urban Waxx events.

Want to connect? Email Kaylynn here.

Urban Waxx Waxing Salon

Haley Willner

Administrative Liaison

Haley has always know Portland as home and with all of the outdoor activities that this area has to offer, it makes it a perfect place for her. She enjoys backpacking, fishing, photographing, and painting wildlife. Her passion for the outdoors is why she is studying for a degree in Wildlife Management. She is the oldest of four children, and she absolutely loves Disneyland. She loves a wide range of music, from classical piano to Justin Timberlake, you will find her tuning into it all.

Urban Waxx Waxing Salon

Shannon Brown

Chief Financial Officer

Shannon Brown puts the FUN in our financials. When she is not geeking out on a spreadsheet, this mom of 3 and wife to Scott Brown is living her best life in Utah. Shannon Brown is full of life and love, and her experience managing 6 previous companies has made her an incredible asset and mentor to the UW team. Shannon is obsessed with all celebrations, and no one can out costume or decorate her. She has lived in the Dominican Republic and Hawaii and she is a certified rescue Scuba diver. Shannon also sushi and all sweets: most notably Hawaiian shave ice (she takes her own can of sweetened condensed milk to the local sno-cone shack).

SE Division Portland Oregon Waxing Salon Team Member

Mallory Howlett

Director of Waxing

pronouns: she/her

Mallory has been a waxer and trainer here at Urban Waxx for many years and her favorite part of the job is connecting with her guests and getting the opportunity to meet new people. Her passion for waxing, attention to detail, and helping others made her the perfect fit for our Director of Waxing. She also has a passion for hair and loves to work with natural skin and hair care products. She grew up on the Oregon coast and has a home in the Portland area with her husband and two cats, Mabel and Momo. In her spare time, she loves to garden, cook, and bake. When Mallory needs to escape the city, she will head to the ocean or the mountains where she feels most at peace. We are lucky to have this ray of sunshine as a part of our team!