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I love me some numbers. Numbers make me feel happy. Bizarre for a gal who barely, barely squeaked through math classes, but in a business, numbers make me feel safe. They appeal to the rational side of me. So I felt it was only fitting that the first post of 2011 should be about some of our BIG numbers from Urban Waxx in 2010. So here we go:


  • At Urban Waxx Northwest in 2010 we did 9324 Brazilians and maintenance Brazilians. WHAT??? That’s completely nuts!
  • We did 6170 eyebrow waxes.
  • At Urban Waxx Tanasbourne we did 1159 Brazilians in 2010, from June 22 to December 31. Wow!
  • We did 800 brow waxes!

When I look at those numbers I am completely gobsmacked! (Side note: I have really become obsessed with British expressions. Is there a way that an American can crow-bar words like “gobsmacked” and “tosser” into a conversation without seeming completely affected? Please let me know.) Anyway, seriously, it’s amazing that we see so many clients every day, and that we keep meeting new clients all the time. It’s such a blessing, such a gift!


I am really thrilled with the numbers at Urban Waxx Tanasbourne. While they seem petite compared to Northwest, they were more than I had hoped to see. In fact, we were much busier in our first year at Tanasbourne than we were in our first year of Northwest….way back in 2007! 🙂

Sometimes when I think about the fact that our business is JUST waxing, it almost seems implausible that we can build and sustain. I really feel like so much of the sheer volume is based on the amazing power of word of mouth referrals. Our clients have the gift of gab, and we LOVE them for it!

We are all so excited to see what this year brings. We will be adding new Estheticians to our lovely and talented group. There will also be some new smiling faces at the front desk ready to check you in and offer you a glass of wine or a cup of tea.

We can’t wait to see you! And thank you, again, to each and every one of you that have believed in us and told your friends about us! We could NEVER have seen numbers like this without all of our amazing clients! xxo