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2012 was pretty great! Let’s look at what happened at Urban Waxx…just the quick and dirty highlights:

  • We opened our 3rd location: Division.
  • Lexi Galton of Navy House became our designer.
  • Urban Waxx got a brand new look!
  • We added 12+ new employees.
  • NW 18th was renovated and we added a 4th room.
  • We re-branded!
  • We celebrated our 5 year anniversary!
  • Adriana became our Project Coordinator and started the Philanthropy Task Force.
  • We had a Waxx-a-thon! We raised $6000 for local charities.
  • Mindy, Jenny and Alix became our Wax Training Team.
  • Angie was promoted to Front Desk Manager.
  • We did 20,000 Brazilians!
  • Gretchen and Stacey got married.
  • Rebecca got engaged to Adam.
  • Carly got engaged to Gert.
  • We had our biggest holiday party yet! 60 people!
  • Many of our team became homeowners.
  • Even more of them became pet owners…

I say this at the end of every year, but boy oh boy, a lot has happened. 2013 is going to be pretty great as well.

For now, let’s make a toast to 2012. You did us well!