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Whether you are spending time with your girlfriends, partner, yourself, or you are finding time for all three, these gift ideas are the missing piece to your plans! Valentine’s Day & Galentine’s Day are right around the corner so it’s time to find the perfect gifts! We gathered our top 7 products that we think will make hearts melt and will be the perfect addition to these love-filled days!

1. Homebody CBD Soaks

The one way you can take your bath to the next level. The Homebody CBD Bath Soaks are a game-changer. Once you sprinkle them into your bath water you will know why. This collection of wellness bath soaks combines extraordinary visual and optical effects (yes, a colorful sparkly bath), over 176 antioxidants, a host of plant-based botanicals, premium organically grown herbs, superfoods, active ingredients, adaptogens, vitamins, salts, moisturizing oils, and rare minerals. This is the perfect gift to yourself, best friend, or loved one!

Available for in-store purchases only

2. Feminist Boob Tote

This is a cute and fun gift to all your Galantine’s! This tote is made with heavyweight cotton canvas. Perfect for carrying groceries, books, or made it your everyday bag! Add a few extra goodies inside and you just put together an easy and perfect gift!

3. Calendula Oil

If you are looking for a fun Valentine’s Day gift that will spice up the night but sweeten up your skin, the Calendula Oil is what you are looking for! This body oil is formulated with certified ORGANIC Calendula. It is deeply hydrating and healing. This amazing body oil can be used all over to soothe and hydrate skin. But the benefits aren’t the only thing that makes this oil perfect.  It is a purely natural oil that is extracted from marigold flowers (Calendula Officinalis), which means it smells like a dream! It gives off an irresistible sweet scent!

4. Butter Balms

We lovingly refer to this product as “Lotion for Lazy People” because we know that rubbing in sticky body lotion after a shower is the last thing we take time for. That is where Butter Balms come in. They are to be used while you are STILL…IN… the shower. This is a SHOWER LOTION, ladies. You put it on IN THE SHOWER. The rich ingredients will trap the water that is already on your skin, and the warmth of your skin will melt the Balm into your skin like “butter on a hot pancake”. It takes less than a minute, a little goes a long way, and your skin will be so soft. Seriously, it’s a life-changer.

5. Facial Scrubber

This is someone everyone should be using, yes, even you fellas! A revolutionary facial sponge that not only cleans and removes make-up, but exfoliates and massages your skin, stimulating blood and lymph flow to decrease puffiness, eliminate toxins, and promote cellular regeneration. Use daily for softer, smoother, younger-looking skin. Naturally antifungal, antibacterial, and allergen-free.

6. Enzyme Peeling Gel

Date night idea? Mask night! This Urban Waxx favorite- the Enzyme Peeling Gel is a gentle and soft exfoliator, free of abrasive particles and targeting only dead skin cells. It removes them gently, without scratching live, healthy cells. After you let the mask sit on your skin for 5-10 minutes, you will begin to rub it into your skin again and will now watch your dead skin ball up on the tip of your fingers. It’s like magic. It will help minimize pore size, brighten skin tone, and prepare the skin to receive moisturizing and nourishing treatments.

7. Baby Foot Mask

Pedicures at home? Yes, please! If you want baby soft feet, then listen up! This foot mask will give you better results than your average pedicure. This is a one-hour foot peel treatment that is truly game-changing! The product features 16 natural extracts that are scientifically formulated to exfoliate and moisturize at the same time. You slip on mask-filled booties and cuddle up, binge-watch your favorite show for an hour and then rinse off. Within the next 48-72 hours, your feet will begin to peel, revealing extremely soft feet!

You can find all of these products in-store at all Urban Waxx locations or find them on our online shop!