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So, I am pretty much obsessed with all of the retail that we carry, but I’m going to list my top 5 faves at this moment.

  1. Klean Coconut creamy scrub. Yes, I adore all things coconut. The smell of all the Klean coconut goodies make me swoon. The scrub is amazing. $13.50
  2. Pacifica Soy Candle gift box. Love the package. Love that there are three warm and cozy holiday scents. Love that the price is $14. Whaaaa?
  3. Pinup Brenda wood block art. So freaking cute. I love these. They are like little gems of chic goodness. $15 or $20
  4. Pattern Body Wash in Black Pepper. It rules. I wash my face with it. I wash my bod with it. It has a totally unusual scent that is spicy and refreshing, and it produces a gorgeous lather. $20
  5. Serious Serum. Come on, guys. Of course I am in love with Serious. We brought it into the world. I use it ALL over my body wherever I have bumpy, yucky skin. I use it under moisturizer and smooth our the mini wrinkles. Before I used Serious, I was using an AHA serum that was the same exact percentage and I was paying $68. Serious is $25.
So what are some of your favorite things? Have you found something that you absolutely swoon over at Urban Waxx? Well let me know! Or, do you know of something that would be a great fit for us? Let me know that, too! xo