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One topic that I would like to chat about is the way Urban Waxx prices our most popular service: the Brazilian wax. Our policy at Urban Waxx is that a client that is new to us pays $70 for a first time Brazilian wax, with us. After the initial wax, if the client reschedules the Brazilian within 6 weeks, she will always pay $50, for a maintenance price. What happens if a client only comes in every 9 weeks, 3 months, once a year? Well, then she will always be considered a Brazilian, and be charged $70. But, the majority of our clients get off of the table after the first wax and swear they will NEVER shave again, and we see them every month or so and they always pay $50.

I chose to price our Brazilian this way for several reasons. 

  • Having a Brazilian every 4-6 weeks makes it a TON easier on the client. It is much less painful, there is less hair growth, and your waxing gets on the same cycle as your hair growth, which is about a 4 week cycle.
  • Waxing a client every 4-6 weeks is a lot easier for us, as well! Let’s be honest, waxing a retro 70’s bush every time requires a lot of wax and a fair amount of elbow grease! Although we are waxers and in the business of inflicting a certain amount of pain, we don’t want to make our clients uncomfortable! We want them to hop off the table and exclaim “That was awesome!”
  • Having a maintenance program gives our clients incentive to return to Urban Waxx, on a regular basis, to have their Brazilians.
When I first started pricing our services at Urban Waxx, I looked at all of the salons and spas in the area that did waxing. I also took into account that we use the absolute highest quality wax and waxing products that are available. I tried to price our services so that they are fair to our clients and to us. Choosing to provide a maintenance price to our clients that come monthly is like a little thank you for them each time they get a Brazilian. 
Of course, I understand that sometimes our clients are facing economic hardships. In my opinion, waxing is a necessity, not a luxury. However, I understand that not everyone feels that same way. To be fair, our motto is “The BEST wax you’ll ever have,” not “The CHEAPEST wax you’ll ever have.” There are places that are less expensive than Urban Waxx, of course. There are also places that are much more expensive than Urban Waxx. I invite you to see all of your options and find what is the best fit for you. I think Urban Waxx is flat out the best, but I’ll admit: I’m a tad bit biased! 😉
I am confident that we are the best wax you’ll ever have. Seriously!