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We blogged a few weeks ago about one of our amazing clients, Kenna Groat. Kenna shaved her head to raise money to fight pediatric cancer. She wrote a beautiful letter, and I thought we should share:
To all of my amazing supporters:

It’s official! I’m bald! What an amazing experience this past Saturday was! I’ve attached some pictures to take you through the day a bit. But first things first, some big thank you shout outs!

I have been truly appreciative, humbled, and blown away by everyone’s incredible generosity, spreading the word, getting more donations, and the kind words of encouragement. Most of you know that I’m preparing to move to Canada at the end of this month and I had to get a physical as part of the immigration process last week. I mentioned to the doctor that I would be shaving my head on Saturday and she said that I should try and get out of it. She said I was going to have a really difficult time with customs. I said I’d rather deal with customs than all of the people that have donated to me.

A big thank you to my dad, mom, my girls (Nina, Tara, and Staci), and Jeff and Brad for coming out to support me and push me on stage.  Actually, my dad did… and then he followed me on! He surprised me and signed up while we were there and we were shaved side by side. While he may not have had quite as much hair for me I was truly grateful for the huge gesture of support and to have him there with me. Thank you Dad. People have been telling me I have a big heart for doing this and I guess it’s genetic.

More big thanks to Martha Bianco of La Bellisima Salon for my beautiful eyelash extensions. She does an amazing job and I’ve gotten so many compliments on how real they look and how my eyes really pop. Special thanks to Brittany Pursley for doing my makeup on Saturday and cleaning up my new haircut afterward. You always make me feel gorgeous, with or without hair. I also need to send thanks to the Laurelwood Brewpub in Sellwood. We stopped there for lunch after the event on Saturday and they comped our lunch to show their appreciation for what my dad and I had done. Our waitress’ 15 year old nephew had just been diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma. That was completely unexpected but just goes to show that cancer impacts so many lives.

And last but certainly not least I have to include Brycson and his wonderful family. Jeff shaved his head with us and Jill donated 10 inches of her beautiful hair to locks of love. And my little guy… Buddy, I wish that we could have been pals for different reasons. But without you I would never have been so driven to be a part of this fundraiser. Thank you for making me laugh. Thank you for your silly smiles and super strong hugs. Thank you for making me an honorary member of the Stauffer family. Thank you for being a source of strength always. Thank you for allowing me to recognize things bigger than myself and make a difference. Best little chemo buddy ever! I love you!

I’ve received a little bit of flack for my decision but I don’t regret it for a second. I hope everyone recognizes you were donating to put an end to pediatric cancer, not me shaving my head; that was just a bonus! Thank you so much again! Hugs to you all!



Enjoy the pics!