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Last blog I wrote about my intense love of yoga. And cake. You know what else I love? Chocolate. Also, I love female business owners. Ok, I love all entrepreneurs but I am clearly biased toward my ladies. Also, I love our neighbors and I get so incredibly excited when a business that is wonderful moves in close to one of our Urban Waxx locations.

So, it was kismet when we were visited by Cristina Yen, owner of the completely darling chocolate shop, A Yen for Chocolate, came to visit us at Urban Waxx NW 18th. Her shop is right down the street from our NW location, and Mindy and I had happened across it a few weeks ago. We literally stood outside and pressed our faces against the window. Her chocolate looked SO delightful. When Cristina came in this week she brought in some of her homemade delights and guess what? They were probably the best chocolates that I have tasted. We basically fought over every one. Then, after we had eaten them, we talked about them for hours after. That’s how good they were.

Cristina is not only cute as a button but she has an amazing resume! She worked in Paris at Fauchon. Have you heard of Fauchon? Ok, so it’s this world famous patisserie in France and it basically made me start my ridiculous love affair with macarons. Clearly I have an issue with all things sugar, but that is a topic for another blog. Or therapy.

Cristina sells her confections and also creates beautiful gifts and favors. She also does, which I want to do and think is totally cool, chocolate tastings! I think that would be such a fun event.

I love: our neighbors, small businesses, chocolate, writing about all things sugar, supporting our local businesses, also chocolate, and cake. and macarons. The end.

A Yen for Chocolate
915 NW 19th Avenue, Suite B
Portland, OR 97209

Peace and Love,