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We have monthly meetings at Urban Waxx. I love them. It’s a great way to catch up with everyone and get on the same page. Oh, and eat bagels. This month I decided to mix it up a little by starting the meeting like this:

“Ok, this is how we are going to start today. We are going to go in a circle and say one positive thing about yourself and one positive thing about the person sitting to your left. Now go.”

It was really fun and interesting. The first thing that struck me was how stumped women get when they are forced to say nice things about themselves. I think if anyone said to a woman: “Tell me what you don’t like about yourself,” then each of us would be able to list off a dozen things. But when we need to say positive things, well, that isn’t quite as easy. I loved hearing everyone say things that they liked about themselves. It makes me so happy.

Of course, because we are a group of 21 women, there was laughter, approving “oohs and aahs,” and even some tears. I mean, we are women, you know. We are known to be a wee bit emotional at times.

Can you list off some things that you love about yourself? Are you sassy, smart, funny, creative, compassionate? Have you told yourself lately? xo