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Consistency is key, and we love to be consistent at Urban Waxx!  If you have ever received a Brazilian wax with us, you probably hear us ask you: “What are you using for aftercare?”  The most common answer is: Uhh, what do you mean?

So, what is “Aftercare?”  Aftercare is what we recommend to help with the wax.  Think of it like this:  You visit the dentist once or twice a year for a routine cleaning.  But, you wouldn’t ONLY have your teeth cleaned twice a year, right? No, you of course brush your teeth every day ( a few times, hopefully).  We think that analogy works for waxing, too.  You come in once a month to get waxed, and in the interim, you will really get amazing results if you are treating the area with aftercare!

Red bumps, breakouts, ingrown hair, and even folliculitis are all possible side effects of a routine wax.  Redness and irritation are the most common side effect of a wax, especially if it is your first time!  We try to make the process as painless as possible, but we are still pulling the hair out from the root.  That pulling can cause irritation and swelling.  Ideally, you will only be red or irritated for a few hours.  At Urban Waxx, we are always sure that we apply Serious Serum immediately after every wax.  Serious Serum is chock full of super soothing ingredients like chia, coconut, aloe, and peppermint.  All of these ingredients not only feel wonderful on freshly waxed skin, but they are incredibly calming and soothing.  Additionally, they are packed with active ingredients like AHAs and BHAs, which will help to prevent the formation of red bumps and breakouts.

What To Do After Waxing

To make the most of your wax, we recommend using an exfoliating product every night, starting with the day of your wax.  For your bikini area, a small amount of Serious Serum on clean, dry skin is the key to beautiful, bump-free results!  There are SO many practitioners that will advise you not to bathe, workout, avoid sun, no sex etc. for 24 hours, and that is not something that we recommend.  Everyone is different, and everyone’s skin is different in terms of sensitivity.  We simply recommend using your best judgment.  If you feel a little sore or sensitive, maybe take it a little easy for a few hours.  However, most of our clients feel completely fine immediately after their regular waxes, and ready for workouts, the beach, sex…you name it!

After Face Wax Care

Much like body waxing, the experience that you have with your facial waxing will be uniquely your own.  Many people have no reactions at all, however, some will experience redness, bumps, and even swelling.  The most important step in all facial waxing: Being completely transparent with your technician!  Are you using retinol products, strong AHAs on the face, topical acne products like Differin, or oral acne treatments like Accutane?  All of these actions will thin your skin and make it much more sensitive.  Using strong antibiotics can have the same effect on your sensitive facial skin.  It is imperative that you let your Esthetician know any and all products that you use on your skin to be sure the wax will not compromise your skin.  It is always recommended, if you are unsure of any potential skin sensitivity, to do a small patch test and be sure the skin is perfect after the initial wax application!

Be sure that your skin is prepped with a nice cleanse prior to your wax.  Cleaning the skin will remove dirt, oil, bacteria that can create issues post wax.  Immediately after the wax, your Esthetician should apply a soothing serum.  Additionally, we like to add in a high frequency treatment.  The high frequency is our favorite trick at Urban Waxx! The wand looks scary, but it’s totally painless.

So how does it work? High-frequency treatments kill bacteria and reduce inflammation, hence the acne-fighting benefits. High-frequency treatments also increase circulation to stimulate collagen, making the treatment an effective anti-aging and glow-boosting tool, too.  We love adding the treatment to facial waxing – especially a first time lip wax which is a common place to breakout.  The other favorite use for the high frequency is after a back wax for the men.  We so often see men that have been waxed on their backs and then broken out, and never want to wax again!  We are here to tell you: Men! You can wax your backs and NOT breakout! Give us a shot!

Choosing the Best Wax Services for YOU!

At Urban Waxx, we wax almost everything!  The only parts of the body that we won’t wax are the top of your head, and a man’s beard.  Those areas are WAY too sensitive and the hair is much too dense.  Other than that, we will wax everything!  So, it is important for you to consider what you would like to wax.  Maybe you are looking for a super sculpted brow, or smooth legs for a trip, or you are ready to break up with your razor for good!  Well we are here to help!  We love talking about waxing and we have heard just about every question in the book.  Want to talk waxing…aftercare…before and after? Let us know!  We are here to give you the best wax of your life and that means the best tips, too! 

Happy waxxing!