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Looking at the Urban Waxx blog stats, the blog that I wrote in 2009, “What the heck is a Brazilian, anyway?” is by far the most read post. I can only guess it’s because there are still millions of people googling the definition of a Brazilian on a daily basis. I almost forget that there are people out there that have NO idea what a Brazilian bikini wax is, or how it will totally change your life. Ok, maybe it won’t change your life the way winning the lottery might, but it’s still pretty cool.

So let’s talk about it. What is it? Well, it’s the complete removal of all your hair from the entire bikini area. ALL of it. That means your complete “undercarriage” including labia and butt crack. However, you have the option of leaving some hair at the top. What do I mean by that? Well I’ll include a diagram, courtesy of the Brazilian Bikini Wax Spa, to give you an idea of what we can leave behind.

Get the idea? I would say that the most popular at Urban Waxx are probably the Landing Strip, or the Bermuda Triangle (we call it a Dorito) or the Clean as a Whistle. But, what we leave behind is as individual as the gal, or guy, that is getting the wax. Do you love this diagram? I kind of do. I might do something similar for the website. I think it’s brilliant!

You will see, whilst perusing waxing menus, that they are often set up differently. A lot of salons have wax prices like this:

Bikini wax $35 and up


Brazilian wax $70 +

This is something that I am not a fan of. At all. It leaves a huge gray area. I’m not a fan of “gray area” when it comes to the service industry. I imagine the dialogue going awkwardly like this: “Uhhh, yes, we USUALLY charge $70 for a Brazilian, but you, lady, you’re going to cost $95.” I mean, come on. So weird. We charge the same price across the board. It’s a protocol that we have at Urban Waxx that takes all of the uncomfortable conversation about the cost out of the Esthetician’s hands. Then they can spend all of their time focusing on the client…and get down to business!

We are also always asked if waxing hurts. As I have mentioned in several other posts, yes, I’m afraid it is not completely pain free. But isn’t there a certain amount of pain involved with almost any beauty treatment? I mean, have you ever worn high heels for more than a few hours? Now that’s pain. There is a little bit of pain involved, but honestly it is so quick, and we are SO good at what we do, that it’s very bearable. Seriously, I’m a huge baby when it comes to pain, and I am a regular waxer. But, just in the interest of full disclosure, and because I think this is kind of a funny YouTube video, enjoy the below video. However: please be aware of the fact that this is NOT at Urban Waxx, not our clients, not even the type of wax that we use. It’s just for laughs, people. Let’s not get worked up.

If you EVER have questions about waxing, wax, Brazilians, or YouTube videos about waxing (ok maybe not that one), then don’t hesitate to contact me. My email is shannon@urbanwaxx.com. And I LOVE to talk about waxing!