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It has been so busy that I fear that I have been leaving my poor blog unattended. My younger brother Shea and his absolutely adorable girlfriend Stacey were in town last week, so I took 5 days off of work! What?! Am I crazy? That’s unheard of. But, I decided to spend the time with them. eating a lot of great meals and doing excessive amounts of shopping. And how wonderful to feel completely confident leaving urban waxx in JoAnne’s enormously competent hands and knowing the place would not burn to the ground! As a matter of fact, it went great!
We have been in the process of hiring some additions to our staff. We need another person to work the front desk and JoAnne has been trying her hardest to find someone that meets our rather high expectations. It is SO important for the person that chats with clients on the phone and greets them for the first time is amazing. And how can you tell if someone is amazing by interviewing them for 30 minutes? It’s almost impossible!
I have interviewed and hired dozens of people over the past 6 or so years. I have really grown to hate the process. It’s like being at the most awkward cocktail party ever…with no cocktails. Some people are absolutely amazing during the interviewing process, and then you start to work with them and you are suddenly wondering what happened to your judgment. And then of course, sometimes the opposite is true. I have interviewed people that I was very unsure about, and then absolutely fell in love with them as a coworker! Ah, it’s all madness.
I am also looking for a waxer to take my place before I go on maternity leave. That is an even more arduous task. The way I have interviewed in the past is after we meet and chat, they have to give me a Brazilian. ME! “Hi, so and so, I am your future employer. Now please meet my vagina.” Have I mentioned that this job strips you of all modesty? Have I mentioned that I have a relatively low pain threshold when it comes to getting Brazilians. I suppose we can file this under the joys of owning a waxing business.
Anyhoo…I am using the Secret to attract the perfect people to work here. Wish me luck!