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It seems like there is always an ebb and flow when it comes to our team coming and going. My dream is to have a staff that gets hired, is completely amazing, and never leaves. 40 years from now we are all pushing our walkers around taking our clients in for their next wax. I know, I know…not realistic. Employees come and go. That’s pretty much the way it is in any business. Although we have a pretty solid core of women that have been here since the beginning (or close to it), we have grown and added, and we keep growing.

Sometimes, though, someone on our team leaves and it’s a huge bummer. Unfortunately that happened twice in the past month! First, our adorable Gina left to have her baby boy. That is so exciting for all of us, and seeing her bump grow has been so much fun. We also got the chance to throw her a “surprise” baby shower last Sunday. It was a lot of fun. However, Gina will be moving to Bend and not coming back to Urban Waxx, and THAT is the bummer. We are all pretty sad about it.

Then, Jen Hancock, who joined us last summer, told us that she would be moving home to Tri-Cities to be near her family. Jen has been such a great addition to Urban Waxx, and I really feel like she was at home with us. I have my fingers crossed that she will miss Portland so much that she will decide to come back for good!

The good news is that we welcomed two new waxers to our team, and we are pretty excited about it. Gretchen and Rebecca joined us a few weeks ago and they are doing great! You can check out their pics and bios on our Urban Waxx website. It’s always awesome to welcome new, positive energy into the salon. Plus, I love seeing how warm and open the staff is to our newbies. No one wants to feel like the rookie, you know?

We are currently preparing for the busy summer season, and I’m planning on hiring 2 more waxers in the next few months. I’m thinking this is going to be the best summer that Urban Waxx has ever seen! xo