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So an interesting thing happened yesterday. A client came to see me, I client that I adore and has been coming for a few years. I hadn’t seen her in a few months and as soon as she got into the room she said, sheepishly: “I cheated on you!” Over the next few minutes she “confessed” to me that she had read something in a magazine that soft wax, or strip wax, was better for waxing and gave more long lasting results. At Urban Waxx, we use hard wax for Brazilians. I have used everything over the years and I decided a long time ago that hard wax is the absolute best wax possible for Brazilians, facial waxing, underarms, etc. It’s twice as expensive as the soft wax, which is why I think some salons are reluctant to use it, but it hurts less and I think the results are substantially better. Anyway, I digress.

So, this client told me that she did some research about local waxing salons and finally settled on a place. She told me about the experience, she said that it was good, but, well, it wasn’t Urban Waxx. She also said that the hair grew back just as quickly, if not faster. She said that she missed the entire Urban Waxx experience and she would never “cheat” on us again.

So this got me thinking. Of course, I say that Urban Waxx is the best wax you’ll ever have. Seriously. I believe that we give an amazing wax, but more than that, the experience from the moment you call or email to the moment you leave our doors, should be amazing. We are not the cheapest wax in town, nor are we the most expensive. Some people may think that we charge too much. Some people may want a different experience. I have always been of the mindset that there is not a finite number of clients walking around out there. It isn’t like there is 100 clients and every salon in Portland has to fight over them. We get new clients walking in every day, and we are so grateful for them! My point is, everyone should get the wax experience of their dreams. I hope that it’s at Urban Waxx. I hope that you fall in love with us and tell all our friends and vow to never go anywhere else. That’s what we strive for. However, there are a lot of other salons that wax in Portland. Maybe you should try another salon? Get the vibe? Maybe you will fall in love with a waxer there, or maybe you will realize that your heart belongs to Urban Waxx. The important thing to me, as a business owner and as a human, is that the clients that come to us really want to be there. You should be excited about us, because I KNOW that we are excited about you!

I compare this thought to all of the coffee shops in Portland. Portlanders LOVE their coffee, that’s no secret. On every corner there will be a shop selling the delicious cup of dark goodness. But everyone has their favorite picks. Maybe you are a Starbucks fan, or Peet’s. Maybe you like a local shop. Maybe you like tea. You get the idea. There is a shop and a cup for everyone, just like there is a salon and a waxer for everyone. The important thing is that you are thrilled. With your coffee and your wax! ;)