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Well, another Christmas has passed. What a strange few weeks this has been in Portland! The snow brought the holiday retail season to a grinding halt: most Portland businesses had to close for at least a few days. This was the worst storm in 40 years! Everywhere you look there are cars stuck in a foot of slush, people walking, the buses and Max are completely full!
Ever the optimist (wink) I have seen so many great things about the people I know during the past few weeks. For example, I was so sick with the stomach flu the week before last. I thought I was going to die! In fact, I missed work for the entire week, which I don’t think I have ever done before. Anyway, did my clients complain? NO! When the girls here had to go get change or run to the store for supplies did they gripe? Absolutely not. They were like little angels. When we had to cancel our staff Christmas party because I was feeling so puny, no one even batted an eye. They were so great!
Then, with the snow, again, everyone just jumped right in to help. One morning Beth drove to pick me up (yes, that was me you saw waiting in a snow bank on Lombard), and right at this very moment I have Mindy’s car outside because she drove over last night, on Christmas, and she is feeling so sick herself, to let me borrow it to get to work in the morning. In fact, I have been using her car for most of the week. And, both days that we closed, and it was a veritable blizzard outside, Kimberley or Megan walked 10 blocks to open the shop, call clients, and return messages. That’s dedication!

Well, I guess what this has shown me, again, is that I am blessed to have an amazing team. They do what they say they are going to do, they come early, they stay late, and they always do their best. It’s a great feeling. And even in the slushiest, snowiest, yuckiest weather, they come in and we have a laugh.
There’s no bah humbug here! Only Holiday Cheer. Merry Christmas!