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Every October we align with a non-profit organization and we give back.  Through our month long raffle, we are able to raise money to donate to our chosen partner.

For 2018, we aligned with Door to Grace.  This was special for us, because this was the first time that we put it to our team to vote on.  Door to Grace was overwhelmingly chosen by our team.

Door to Grace is a company that is based in Portland, OR.  From their website:

Door To Grace exists to bring safe and loving family to sexually exploited children. Our journey began in 2009 as a group of Portlanders felt our hearts break by the exploitation happening in our own backyard. As our hearts were stirred, we gathered together regularly to pray and fast for God to show up and do something. We had no master plan or intention to start a non-profit organization. We just prayed and watched as God began bringing survivors into our path. As we listened to their stories, we began to hear a common thread: home. Although many of these girls had spent a lifetime moving from place to place, they secretly longed for a safe, loving and stable family. So we began dreaming alongside them.

This dream led us to open our Door to Grace Day Home in 2011. Because we wanted this space to feel like home we made sure it included all the pieces of a healthy home: a fully stocked kitchen, a dinner table, a place for her things, lots of sunny windows, cozy couches, an open door and trusted, familiar faces. In addition, we thought about long-term impact and, therefore, strive to match girls with mentor volunteers — people she enjoys, trusts, and connects with. This is exactly what is happening through Door To Grace today because of your generous support and prayers!

At the end of every October, we are always so overwhelmed with the support that we receive from our guests, our team, and our friends and family.  It is so humbling that everyone comes out and is willing to purchase tickets that go toward such an incredible organization.

We also want to give a HUGE thank you to all of our friends who donated prizes for the raffle.  We were once again, so blown away by all of the support for our community.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you.