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So many great things have happened to the team at Urban Waxx recently. You know we are all anxiously waiting for the next Urban Waxx baby’s arrival (Gina is due in 10 weeks), and we just got some more REALLY fabulous news! Our lovely and talented Beth (affectionately known as Betty) and her adorable boyfriend Rich are now engaged!

Beth sent me a text on Christmas day with a picture of the beautiful ring that Rich presented her. I am SO happy for them. Rich and Beth are both so freaking adorable. They have been together since they were kids (practically) and, best of all, they are both from New Jersey! For those of you who don’t know this: I am from NJ, and I have a deep love for all things from the Garden State. Not only are they both hilarious, genuine, and fabulous looking, but they have amazing talents. You all know that Beth is a great waxer but she is also an excellent seamstress and double Snuggie maker (trust me, I know), and Rich is an accomplished break dancer. Oh yes, it’s true. After a few cocktails that boy will bust a move the likes that you’ve never seen!

Anyhoo, we are all thrilled for our Beth. We couldn’t think of a cuter couple to be together, and we wish them nothing but happiness! xxoo