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Yes I fall in love with product easily. I am a fickle shopper, I have little brand loyalty, and I am constantly smitten with pretty, shiny things. There are a few criteria that I swoon over: I adore female owned, small businesses. I think that the most important thing about a great product is passion. I want someone who can tell me every single thing about what makes their line amazing. I love a good back story. I am obsessed with good packaging, a great website, a cool logo. Most of all: I fall hard for great customer service. Villainess Soaps has all of the above, and much more.

A week ago I was poking around Twitter and I came across this ultra-fabulous, sexy, dark line of bath and body products. After drooling over the website, soaking in all the delicious details (wax seal graphic, Manifesto, delightful copy and font) I literally ran to the phone to call this intriguing company. I spoke to the owner, Brooke Stant, who is incredibly well versed about her line of handmade soaps, body scrubs and butters, perfume oils, and facial muds. She graciously dropped a box of her favorite products in the mail for me to try, they arrived yesterday, and the rest is history. Villainess will be gracing our shelves shortly!

The line has the coolest names ever: Scintillating (mint, black tea and vanilla), Chloroform (cucumber, violets, plum), Dulces en Fuego (bitter chocolate, vanilla, citrus, black pepper) just to name a few. The website reads like an apothecary guide from 1886. I can picture Brooke poring over old journals and doctor’s manuals creating these lovely concoctions.

Ok, so by now it’s obvious: I’m slightly obsessed with Villainess Soaps. I ordered the first batch today and it will be arriving next week.  At the moment, I am sniffing my wrist, where I am wearing the Jai Mahal perfume oil. It smells like some place far away, someplace exotic, and sultry, and dangerous. The Villainess motto is “Redefining Bad.” I love it. Suddenly being bad seems very…intoxicating.