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So, Kim and I witnessed the cutest thing that we have ever seen in Urban Waxx today. I’m not joking. Here’s how the story goes: Today I had a lovely Mom come in to get her brows waxed. She was accompanied by her adorable little blue eyed four year old daughter. The little gal was very interested in what was happening with her Mama’s eyebrows. She stood on a low stool on the opposite side of the table and watched with interest as I shaped her Mama’s brows. After it was done I showed her our wax and put a wee bit of hard wax on the back of her little hand. She thought it was pretty neat to pull it off (there is no hair there).

So, the pair spent a few more minutes trying on Flood hats, looking at fun products, chatting me up, and generally being incredibly cute. As I was cleaning up my room for the next client, Little Gal came in and leaned against my door, looking shy. “What’s up?” I asked. “You want to help me clean?” She started to look a little sad and said “Well, it’s just, this is my first time here.” So I said, “Do you not want to leave?” and she shook her head no. At that point I squatted down and said “Do you want a hug?” and she answered, in her sweet Little Gal voice: “Well, no, but it’s my first time here.” At that, she started to cry and ran over to her Mama, who was looking rather puzzled. “What is it?” Mama asked. Little Gal said, through tears “It’s just…so…cool here!”

Oh. My. Goodness. That about sealed it for Kim and me. We were completely tickled and Kim even got a little misty! Little Gal looked back at us with a teary little face. It was precious. I thought that a piece of chocolate and some trail mix from the buffet might do the trick, and it did. Little Gal left smiling and I told her she could come back whenever she wanted.

It was too cute. She sounds like a future Evangelist Client. What do you think?