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So here is my to-do list to get it all done in the next 2.5 weeks:

  1. Get with Liam to ok the final signage/business cards/marketing materials.
  2. Finish training the 4 new Estheticians.
  3. Hire a 5th Esthetician.
  4. Send out “Save the Date” party invites for the Grand Opening on April 16th.
  5. Get final touches from Lexi (throw pillows, mirrors for the rooms, rug)
  6. Order cupcakes for the opening from Saint Cupcake (yum)
  7. Get all the inventory in the space.
  8. hook up music and computers.
  9. Make sure the following things happen:
  • Floors installed.
  • Paint finished
  • Shelving installed
  • Desk fabricated
  • Massage tables delivered
  • Sofas delivered
  • Art delivered
  • Lights installed
  • Giant Mirror installed

I know I am forgetting things, so please forgive me when you come and see the space on April 16th. It is going to be SO beautiful I almost can’t stand it! xxoo