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Can you believe that it is September already? I really just blinked and the summer is over. Do you remember when you were a kid and the summer was an endless procession of lazy days? Now: poof. Here we are again. Kids in school, the air is becoming a wee bit crisp, and I am already shopping for boots!
How was your summer? At Urban Waxx, it was pretty amazing. The summer is, as you might have deduced, our busiest time. We have some seasonal waxers who we only see for a few months every year. Then they, like so many Portlanders, go into hibernation until next May. We will miss you, summer waxers!
On a personal note, we had a very nice summer. Stella is 3 1/2 and really turning into a little person with a big, huge personality. Dino is 10 months old, today actually, and the happiest child I have ever met. He loves to smile and flash his little teeth nubbins, and laugh, and follow Stella around. We had a really great vacation on the East Coast, although nature seemed out to get us. We were there for the earthquake AND the hurricane! Another reason I love Portland: not so many natural disasters!

Vacations always have the same effect on me: they relax me and give me great one on one with the family, but I also miss Urban Waxx terribly! I miss being involved every day and seeing everyone. I miss the rhythm that we have worked so hard to get into.

I hope you all had a great summer!