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So, all of the gals at Urban Waxx have their own interests that they like to focus on whilst not removing hair. Some read, some focus on skincare, some travel, and some…eat nachos.

Mindy is a lover of nachos and has decided to start a blog about  Portland and all the nacho selections to be had here. You may not know this, but a true nachos connoisseur  has a very clear idea of what makes a plate of nachos desirable. In my opinion, I like 2 pounds of cheese (NOT fake cheese sauce either, I like melted cheddar) fresh pico de gallo, lots of guacamole and sour cream, olives, refried beans, and basically as much saturated fat and fried goodness that a person can put on a plate. I LOVE nachos. Deeply. In fact, the last meal that I ate before I went into labor with Stella was a plate of nachos. Less than ideal, but that’s how life is sometimes.

I think a nacho blog is an amazing idea. I love things that only focus on one thing, and then are amazing at that one particular thing (uhhh, Urban Waxx). Mindy will be reviewing nachos from all over Portland and the surrounding areas. She told me that if you have a place that you absolutely love you ahould let her know and she will be happy to review it. Also, if you would like to submit a review, you can! Just make sure that there is a picture of the nachos, the price, a description, and a description of the restaurant and any tasty drinks that would accompany said nachos. Email her the review and she will review and post.

Check it out! And get your nachos on! portlandnachosblog.wordpress.com