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We’ve had some really amazing gals join us at Urban Waxx. Sometimes I have to keep it quiet, because it seems like every time I announce how thrilled we are to have such an amazing team, something goes haywire. Isn’t that the way it always is? Well it certainly seems like that at Urban Waxx. I think it’s just the universe’s way of keeping me on my toes!

Katie Smith is one of the front deskies that has been at Urban Waxx since last summer. She’s a adorable, and hilarious, and she is always writing me little notes and emails. I told her to just write a blog instead. So, here it is! Our first staff blog! More to come!!!

***as an aside: yesterday was one of those days at Urban Waxx where absolutely everything that could go wrong, went wrong. It was chaotic from start to finish. Everyone pulled together and reminded me how special and team oriented they all are. I got home at 9:30 last night and Katie had driven to my house and left a bottle of wine and a bouquet of sunflowers on my front steps. Yes. She did. *sniff*

Hi there!

In recent months, I have deeply considered the thought of “family.” I am a born and raised Olympian, (yes, that’s what we call ourselves in Olympia, WA), and when moving to Portland, I had to come to grips with the idea that my family was about 2 hours away. Yikes! However, I found a different type of family in Portland.

In August of 2010, I thought I was simply just starting a job, but much to my surprise I was becoming a member of a family. This family, I call my “Urban Waxx Family”.  It seems silly, but few people are honestly happy with their jobs, whether it’s their boss or their co-workers, but I have to say that I feel blessed to be here. Everyday, I get to see the estheticians, and my fellow front desk gals all of which I consider to be my sisters, and a select few are my “mothers”. Each one of them has a smile on there face, rain or shine, and a go get em’ attitude. Shannon, the owner of this fine establishment, gets an email from me almost daily, about how much I love it here. Seriously. Poor Shannon must be exhausted from my continual emails, but instead she always responds with a size 288 font of XO!  Lucky me, right? There is so much love here I can barely handle it, so that’s why I am here writing, confessing my love for these people, this family of mine.

In the last couple of months much has changed at Urban Waxx, and even with the loss of a couple of our VERY loved estheticians, we have stayed strong as a family. We have recently welcomed some lovely ladies to our family as both estheticians and front deskies, and I can’t tell you how excited I am!

I recently compared this growing family of mine to a part I love from the Grinch. Every time there is a new person, I pull out my Heart O’ Meter and measure the size, and surprise! It has grown a size. So I just want to say thank you Urban Waxx Mothers and Sisters, I sure love you!

xoxo, Katie