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Here is another installment in our interview series. Ashley is a great addition to our Guest Experience Team!




1. If you could get rid of one state in the US, which would it be and why?  Florida. It needs to be cut off and just float into the Gulf. Every election goes wrong in Florida.

2. What do you think about in the car?  That I need to get gas. And about my new Taylor Swift CD that I just bought. I felt basic buying it but I really like it.

3. Favorite ice cream flavor? Anything from Salt & Straw

4. What song best describes your work ethic? Oh! I know. It’s going to be a Beyonce song. I really like Partition but that doesn’t exactly describe me. How about Who Runs the World?

5. How would you rate your memory? I would say I plan for my forgetfulness. So I write everything down

6. If you were a crayon, what color would you be? Periwinkle

7. Dream vacation, money not an option. Where? Bali. 100%

8. Pick two celebrities to be your parents. Morgan Freeman and Betty White.

9. What kitchen utensil would you be? A fork.

10. On a scale of 10 rate me as an interviewer. Oh boy. Wait are you writing oh boy? An 11.

11. Do you believe in the paranormal? No.

12. If you were on an island and could only bring 3 things, what would they be? A computer, all my friends, and a Starbucks. That’s right. The entire establishment.

13. If there was a movie about your life, who would play you and why? Scarlett Johansson. She’s hot.

14. Scariest thing you have ever done? I almost got swept away to sea once. My dad saved me

15. What super power would you like? I would like to control other people’s actions

16. Where would you go in a time machine? I would go to the beginning of this interview and not agree to do it

17. If I came to your house for dinner what would you make? Hungarian stuffed cabbage

18. What do you love most about Urban Waxx? I love that it is an all female run company!

19. If you could be anyone else, who would it be? Beyoncé

20. What is your least favorite thing about humanity? Lack of empathy.

21. What is your favorite cereal? Cocoa Krispies

22. What’s your personal mantra? I don’t like cheesy things. Can that be a mantra.

23. What was the last gift that you gave someone? My love.

24. What is the best gift you were ever given? Part of my college tuition was paid for.

25. Favorite cocktail? Bombay Sapphire with lime