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Yes, that is correct. It is Urban Waxx’s 2 year birthday today! I cannot believe that it has been 2 whole years since we started taking clients in this location. The time has absolutely flown by! I would like to take a moment to discuss some of the exciting things that UW will be doing in the next few months. There have been so many things going on that sometimes I forget to share with everyone!

To begin, as I stated in a prior email, we have added Liam to our team. We also leased the beautiful office space right next door to Urban Waxx for a combined office, storage, and in the months to come, a shipping facility. We are receiving a gigantic shipment of our brand new beautiful and super sexy Serious Serum bottles. Liam is busy developing our Serious website so that we can sell our wonder product online. We are SO excited about this development. I mean, we really do love it that much! Liam is also burning the midnight oil trying to get us into magazines like Allure and Lucky, and our dream of all dreams, on Oprah. So, anyone who is buddy-buddy with Oprah, can you help…? Seriously, a dream of mine is to see our product in O Magazine, or better yet, give Oprah and/or Gayle King a Brazilian. Think it could happen?

Of course we are always adding new fabulous retail products to our line up. We have wonderful new Holiday scents coming in from Pacifica, and I am a huge Christmas fan. This year we are so lucky and we get to celebrate Christmas AND Chanukah, since we have welcomed the lovely and talented Alix to our team, and she happens to be Jewish. So we will be decking the halls and lighting the menorah this year. Kind of exciting! Plus, I absolutely love noodle kugel! But then again, I love all food equally, so I guess that is somewhat irrelevant.

Lastly, but certainly NOT least: we are combing the area looking for an ideal spot to open a 2nd location of Urban Waxx! I get butterflies when I even type it…but it is the right time to expand for sure! We have been so absolutely blessed with great clients, an amazing staff and 2 great years. We can’t wait to spread the love! Seriously!