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Wow! I cannot even believe that it has been a year since we moved into Urban Waxx. What a difference a year has made! We have gone from a staff of 4 to a staff of 10, our clients list has tripled, and we get busier every day.

To celebrate our One Year, we rented out the huge space 2 doors down, hires Binghi and the Seventh Seal, a local reggae band who are AMAZING, got tons of food and wine and beer, and basically partied down. It was really fun to be able to celebrate a year of accomplishments, see our clients, and just have a great day.
So, as an owner, what have I learned in this first year? Well, it takes a village, people, literally. I know that I can’t do it alone. I need to focus on my strengths and have people help me where I am weak (like bookkeeping and accounting, uh no thank you). I need understand that not everyone processes information like I do, and the key to being a good boss is figuring out a way of effectively motivating my employees. I have learned to think before I react (Okay, I am still learning that lesson) and most of all: to NOT take things personally.
My Mom gave me a book, “The Four Agreements,” by Don Miguel Ruiz, and I try to flip through that at least once a month. I try to use the agreements as a guideline as to how I run my business and my life. I find it very helpful.
Anyway, it has been a tremendous year. Thank you, my wonderful, amazing, loyal staff. And I deeply thank all of our fabulous clients who have made this dream a reality. Without them, there would be no Urban Waxx. Thank you and Much Love!