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Here at urban waxx, we get a lot of women asking us questions about “sensitive” topics. To me, talking about things like the female anatomy is as normal as chatting about the weather. But it has occurred to me that some women may feel awkward asking certain questions. So, I have decided to begin an ongoing series about some of the more popular questions that we are asked.

Also, if you ever have a pressing question of a delicate nature, please feel free to email me directly at shannon@urbanwaxx.com, and I will answer it in the blog.

Many times, first time clients will enter the wax room before their appointment and feel a certain amount of trepidation about removing their clothing in front of a complete stranger. They feel self conscious about their girl parts, considering the fact that many women have only seen their own. Once the clothes come off, women feel compelled to announce how hairy they are, or how things usually are much more kept up. etc. I think that the biggest concern that women feel is, “Am I normal down there?”

I am here to tell you, yes, you are normal. Over the past 12 years of seeing women every day, in various states of undress, I have seen women of all shapes and sizes. I have seen women with thick, coarse hair, I have seen women with little more than peach fuzz. Women seem SO concerned with knowing if they are too hairy, sometimes experiencing a certain amount of shame about the subject. But seriously, in the end, while you are on the wax table, it’s all just skin and hair. It really doesn’t matter if you have a little less or more than you consider “normal.”

Many women also seem concerned about the actual shape or size of their vaginas. This is a little more sensitive topic. I mean, how many times have you honestly been able to compare? But again, in all of my days of waxing, I have never seen someone and thought, “Oh, dear.” Actually, being in contact with so many women has reinforced my belief that all women are beautiful. We all have the same parts, we all have insecurities, we all need to be validated in some way. Honestly, a vagina is a vagina. Some of us have “innies” where everything is compact and tucked up in there, and some of us have “outies,” where we have larger labia and a little more skin. Does it matter? No. A resounding no. Do you think that men are talking to each other about whether or not their penises are up to snuff? Doubt it.

I feel like women have become so detached form their own vaginas. We spend so much time worrying about how it looks, or smells, or compares, that we forget how cool it actually is. It’s self cleaning! Babies come out of it! I have devoted my entire career to the upkeep of it, for Pete’s sake.

My point in all of this vagina talk is that women seem to be a tad ashamed about their girl business, when we should be celebrating our vaginas. A lot of hair or a little hair, big or small, “innie” or “outtie,” every woman should embrace what makes us uniquely women. Three cheers for vaginas!