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Okay, for the second installment of this series, Mindy has given me a list of questions that she feels need to be addressed. I agree. These are questions that I have been asked a least 1000 times over the past decade. So, here we go:

1. Can I wax if I am on my period?
We get this question all the time. Women always make their Brazilian appointments in advance, and then wake up on the day of and realize that they miscalculated their periods. The answer is: yes, you can for sure get waxed with your period. Just wear a tampon and we will work around it. We wear gloves anyway, so it isn’t like it disturbs us. Some gals prefer not to be waxed while on their period, which we completely understand, but we don’t care on this end.

2. Do I need to shower first?
Well, this one is a matter of personal preference. Of course, it would be lovely if all of our clients could be shower fresh for every appointment, but we understand that can’t always be the case. So, no, you do not have to shower before your appointment. We also carry Sweet Spots for sale and they are available complementary for your usage in the rest room. They are the perfect way to freshen up.

3. Can I come in after I have sex?
This one is also a matter of preference. We would prefer that you do not have sex right before your appointment. Remember, for a Brazilian, your legs are spread and there is pretty much no hiding anything. It would be nice if your area wasn’t recently involved in a sexual act.

4. What if I pass gas?!?
This question seems to haunt most of my clients. I think in the back of everyone’s mind they have a fear that whilst we are waxing their hiney hairs they may accidentally let out a little toot. Has it happened to me while I am waxing a client? Yes. Has it happened to probably every other waxer who specializes in Brazilians? Yes. It’s a fact of life people. It’s a bodily function just like swallowing or blinking. What do we do in this situation? Uhhh, absolutely nothing. We just keep on waxing, sister.

In closing, try to remember that the waxer who is waxing your nether regions is used to looking at vagina. We look at it every single day at urban waxx. We understand that every vagina is different, that every woman is different, and that sometimes embarrassing things just happen. Do we talk about it afterward, gasping at the horrors that we just encountered? No way. Could I tell you what your vagina looks like if I saw you on the street? Absolutely not. Most of the time while I am waxing, I am engaged in the conversation that I am having with my client, and the waxing is just happening. I am so used to waxing that I could probably do an entire Brazilian blindfolded. Well…maybe.