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It seems that I have been a wee bit remiss in my discussion of how we do things at Urban Waxx. Many times I focus on the business end of things whilst blogging, because that’s the part that I tend to get caught up in on a daily basis. The waxing side, well, at this point in my career it’s like walking and chewing gum. I can do it without even really thinking. I tend to forget that the actual wax is what most of our blog visitors are the most interested in. Most notably, the Brazilian wax. So, I thought it would be helpful to demystify the process by breaking it all down one step at a time. And anyway, TMI is my middle name!

When a client calls to make their initial appointment, they will have an opportunity to ask any and all questions that they may have about their wax of choice. The menu that we created is designed to be as direct as humanly possible. As you may notice, there are different names for every waxing service, especially those in the nether regions. I have heard what we call a Brazilian be called a Sphinx, Playboy, Las Vegas (huh?), Hollywood, and on and on. I don’t really go in for cutesy names for the Brazilian. We offer the Brazilian, the Thong, the Thong/Crack. Pretty obvious what these wax services will cover. I had to laugh because I was just Googling different types of Brazilians and I came across this:

The Tiffany Box – All hair is removed, including in the buttocks area, except the hairs that remain are a square. The remaining hairs are dyed the famous jeweler’s aquamarine color.

Oh goodness. I giggled at that. I’m not necessarily sure if the man in my life would have the same reaction to seeing a Tiffany Box as I might, but who knows. Different strokes, right? We also don’t offer an “and up” price option. Like, your Brazilian can be $65 and up. We have a flat price. I think it’s ridiculous to change the price depending on each client. How awkward to walk up to the front after a wax and hear, “OH…usually we charge $50 but your wax will be $100. It was a LOT of work.” No. Not for us. It’s a flat price. $70 for your first Brazilian at Urban Waxx and then when you reschedule within 6 weeks it will be a $50 maintenance price each and every time. Simple.

Anyway, after all of your questions are answered by our exceedingly comfortable and adorable front desk team, you book your appointment. When you arrive, you will be greeted, checked in, and offered a tasty beverage. We have red and white wine, hot tea, Diet Pepsi, etc. You can snack on some candy and check out a mag for a minute or two, and then your waxer will come to get you.

When you enter the treatment room, the first thing the waxer will do will asked you if you have ever been waxed before, talk to you about your past experiences (if any), and then talk to you about the service you will be receiving with us. Let’s say for the sake of this blog it is a Brazilian. Then you will be asked to undress from the waist down and lay on the sheet covered table. While you are undressing we don’t leave the room, and there are a few reasons why we don’t:

  1. We are about to see you completely nude, on the table, in about 3 seconds. It seems a little silly to leave, step outside, wait, knock, then come back in.
  2. I feel it would be 100% more awkward to be laying on the table, sans bottoms, and have the waxer enter the room. Yikes.
  3. I assure you: while you are undressing we are NOT checking out your panties! We are making sure the wax is at a perfect temp, putting our gloves on, and getting ready for you. I promise!

After you are undressed from the waist down, laying on the table, we start to wax. Now, in the past, I would use a hand towel to preserve some sense of modesty, but again, over the years I realized how silly that was. To get the MOST efficient wax, we need full access. I understand, Brazilians can be intimidating. But as I have stated time and time again, we do Brazilians ALL day long! That is 90% of what we do. Brazilians are my most favorite service to perform! I know, I’m weird, but everyone has a calling and this is mine.

So, the actual Brazilian is a pretty quick process. We apply a very high quality wax onto the pubic area. The wax we use is a hard wax, which means we put on a thick layer and then it hardens, and we pull it off. There is no need for a strip. We cover the entire pubic area, the labia, and the butt crack. If you want to leave a little patch at the top then we leave it. We DO NOT have you get on your hands and knees to get your crack. You lay on your side, facing way from us, and get in the fetal position. This gives us perfect access to your hiney and it much more comfortable for you. Trust me, I’ve been waxed on my hands and knees. It’s an event I would rather not replicate.

Then, you flip back over, we give you a once over to make sure there isn’t any stray hairs left, we finish with some soothing lotion, and you’re done! We step out of the room so you can get dressed and check out our work. We will meet you on the other side of the door to talk about after care, address any additional questions you may have, and bid you farewell.

The reaction that we always get is: “WOW! That wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be” or “Why didn’t I do that sooner?” That makes us feel great! And getting a Brazilian is great. Seriously. It feels…empowering! It feels like you have a little secret.

Listen, we LOVE what we do. It’s true! We are those people who are obsessed with hair removal. If you have questions, we have answers. You can call us, you can email the salon, you can email me at shannon@urbanwaxx.com. I’m always looking for blog topics, so if you have a question: ask!