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So this is something that comes up a lot in my chosen profession, and I want to clear something up once and for all: Brazilians are NOT disgusting. I would like to add to that: We are NOT disgusted giving Brazilians! I swear it! I know that there may be some of you out there that cannot believe that most of the employees at Urban Waxx have seen as many women with their pants off as the average gynecologist, but it’s true. And, I am here to say that when I ask every employee at Urban Waxx what their favorite service is to give, they almost all say the same thing: the Brazilian.

I bring this up because the other day I was having a chat with another Esthetician. She mentioned that there are times that a client will come in and as she is about to begin her Brazilian, the client will say something like: “Aren’t you grossed out doing this?” or “I feel bad for you! This must be an awful job!” Hmm. I have to think about that for a hot second. I can tell you that we are 100% NOT grossed out doing Brazilians. After the 2nd or 3rd it’s all just hair and skin. After the 1000th, I could probably do them blindfolded, asleep, and with one hand tied behind my back. There is nothing gross about the human body. Seriously. And anything I did think was gross when I was younger (for me, vomit), is no longer even mildly gross after having 2 children. Seriously. As far as it being an awful job, actually, it’s quite the contrary. It’s an amazing job! We have fun, we connect with lovely people, and when the employees leave, they don’t take their work home with them. Part of what makes Urban Waxx such a great environment for our clients is that it’s also a really great environment for us. I think it’s pretty apparent when you walk through the doors that we love what we do.

I think that women ask us things like that because some women feel uncomfortable about their bodies, and they can’t imagine that anyone would want to be looking at them in such an intimate way…not to mention under such bright lighting! I mean, honestly, I think everyone has hang-ups about their physiques, present company included! But I wish everyone would understand that when we are waxing we are NOT judging. I tell you I have waxed all shapes and sizes…we all have, and it’s all the same. It’s all hair and skin, and our mission is to remove the hair and leave the skin baby smooth. Doing an amazing Brazilian is what we are known for, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. xo