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Can you believe it is already halfway into summer? In Oregon, July 4th is such a great time…mainly because the pollen simmers down and everyone’s allergies can finally get a break. Also, the usual: lots of appointments at Urban Waxx, fireworks, barbecues, all of the other fun things that come with the prettiest summer in the country!

What are you eating on the 4th? In our house it’s all about grilling: cheeseburgers, hot dogs, corn, veggies…you name it. I also have an enormous sweet tooth, and today I’ll be making brownie peanut butter cookies. I know. I heard about them a few weeks ago and I have been obsessively thinking about them ever since. I am attaching a recipe here for your viewing pleasure. Ok, I know that it’s not really a recipe, more of an assembling of a bunch of boxed stuff, but come on it looks so good.

Things are really amazing at Urban Waxx! We have 5 locations that are really in full swing, and I just love seeing guests that haven’t been in a while!

What is your favorite thing about the 4th?

Have a safe and happy holiday!

Peace & Love