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YAY! I cannot even tell you how excited we all are about our Serious Serum! Yes, we have actually been selling Serious Serum for 2 months now, however, we just got our brand new, super sexy bottles! I ADORE them! They were designed by resident creative genius, Liam. You may remember his name; he also designed our business cards, my logo, the graphic on the front door, the walls, etc. Anyway, he designed the chic airless pump bottles. But the serum inside is PURE magic!

I have always struggled with ingrown hairs, both on my own body and on my client’s. We tried numerous serums at Urban Waxx, and there weren’t any that I found to be, well, serious enough! So, I finally decided to bottle our own! It’s an amazing blend of 10% glycolic acids. It’s facial grade, so you can use it on your face to exfoliate and smooth fine lines, on your arms to get rid of keratosis pilaris (aka: chicken skin) but the most wonderful use is anywhere that you wax!

It works! Seriously!