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We received an email this morning from a new client. She said that she loved the blog but wondered if I would be so kind as to explain what the different types of bikini waxes that we offer on our menu are. Well, I would be happy to oblige!

When I came up with our Urban Waxx menu, I tried to be as blunt and to the point as possible. Let’s start with the most basic bikini wax, appropriately named: “The Bikini Wax”. So, this wax will remove any hair that is showing if you are wearing a smaller pair of bikini panties. This wax will leave all of the hair on your labia and your butt, but will clean up the sides and the top, leaving triangle of hair. This is the most conservative wax that we offer. Sometimes a gal might want more hair on the front of her bikini area, but have the backside waxed smooth. In that case, she may choose the “Bikini and Crack” option. That covers the bikini, as described above and, you guessed it, the butt crack.
The next option for a wax is the “Thong Wax.” The thong is pretty self explanatory. We leave a thin strip of hair from the top of the vagina all the way down. Basically what is left is what would be concealed if you are wearing a small thong, hence the name. The thong leaves the hair on the labia and the butt crack, unless you opt for the “Thong and Crack” option, which would also take off the hair in the butt crack.
Last but certainly not least is our most popular wax, “The Brazilian.” In fact, this service is so popular that last year we did almost 4000 Brazilian waxes! Now that’s a lot of practice! Anyway, a Brazilian is basically having it ALL taken off. That includes the labia and the butt crack. Now some clients at first are a little apprehensive about having their “tail feathers” waxed off. They think it will hurt or that they are the only lady in the world who has a little hair on the hiney. Well, I am here to tell you: EVERYONE has hair on the hiney! And if you are getting the hair everywhere else waxed off, why hold on to the hair on the back end? I mean really.
Another Brazilian option is to not go completely bare, but leave a little landing strip or a little triangle of hair at the top. That kind of lets the world know: “Hey! I am old enough to have hair, I simply choose NOT to have any!”
Well, whatever shape, style and size you choose to have your bikini line. we are here for you. We don’t judge and more importantly: we LOVE what we do!