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At Urban Waxx our most busy season is the summer. We see SO many new guests during the warmer months that have decided to try out waxing for the first time. We also see guests that only visit us once or twice a year (summer time and Valentine’s Day)

There are SO many reasons to wax all year round!

  • A regular wax is SO much easier! Trust me, when I was pregnant with Stella I decided to take a break from waxing. Between the 95 lb weight gain (yes that’s right) and opening up the first Urban Waxx…I just wasn’t feeling the monthly Brazilian. When I finally was ready to wax, I had about 7 months of hair growth. Let me tell you…it was DREADFUL! I vowed then and there to never go longer than 4 or 5 weeks again without getting my Brazilian. Now…my waxes are soooo easy! Regular waxing on a regular schedule makes each experience less painful.
  • Your hair gets significantly more fine (usually). Each time you wax you traumatize the hair follicle (it’s a good thing), and eventually the hair follicle could weaken enough that it just never grows back!
  • Winter is the BEST time to start waxing! We always encourage new guests to start leg waxing in the winter. That allows the hair to grow out without the fear of having to be in shorts or a bikini. Also, it gives some time to really get in the groove so that we can determine how long you will need before appointments. That way you will get the absolute best results when it’s time to get in that summer swimsuit!
  • YOU FEEL GOOD! So often we see guests come in for the first time because their partners have asked for a waxx or they want to look or feel sexy for their partners. That’s great…but how about feeling sexy for yourself? A fresh wax always makes a person feel like a million bucks!

Waxing winter skin is a great exfoliant also, but do not forget to keep up your weekly shower exfoliating routine! Winter skin is dry skin so make sure to scrub scrub scrub and load up on some seriously lush moisturizers!

Rain, snow, or shine, we got you covered, babes!