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Love love love body products. My shower looks a wee bit like Sephora. And our latest discovery has now taken it’s rightful place on my bathroom shelves. I came across Klean on Twitter! How’s that for social networking at it’s finest. I have been looking forever for a line of body products and scrubs that were high quality, all natural, and affordable. Yay! I found it! Klean uses all natural ingredients like cocoa and shea butter, macadamia nut oil, and green tea powder. The line is amazing!

We just got all of our goodies in and we were all literally swooning at the scents! We were dying over the Coconut Cream. Lemon Love, Ginger Snap, Pumpkin…oh and there are more too! The scrubs are absolutely gorgeous and they are actually a whipped body polish. They are blended so they won’t separate into half oil half salts like some scrubs can do. And, they are so hydrating that there is no need to put on lotion after bathing. Yup. It’s that good!

We also ordered the super moisturizing Extreme Moisture Shea Lotion. They smell sooooo delish! We have scents like Creme Brulee, Very Vanilla, and Satsuma. To complete the trifecta of olfactory  delights, we also now have their Dry Oil Body Scent. Basically it is this little bottle of dry oil that you can spray on your body, hair, the room…anywhere! I adore anything coconut so today I sprayed the Creamy Coconut on myslef. It’s 6 hours later and let me tell you…I still smell delightful! If I do say so myself! :)