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Hello, Governor! (said in a Cockney accent) At Urban Waxx I have been swanning around using my terrible AMAZING British accent because we have all become completely enamored with the Butter London line. One of the fantastic perks of owning a business is that when I fall in love with a product line, I get to carry it at Urban Waxx! Everyone wins!

So, Butter London. So good.   I have been a fan of their nail lacquers for a while now, and when I found out that they had a new lip gloss line, well, hello! I am so smitten with all of their super chic color in matching lips and nails. Adorable. And, guess what? Butter LONDON is a 3 Free company. Their nail lacquer and lip gloss contain NO Formaldehyde, NO Toluene, NO DBP, and NEVER have.

You. Will. Love…luv!