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I get a lot of emails. Don’t worry, I’m not bragging. Most of them aren’t too exciting. But I did get a great email last night from a client (who I adore) who moved away. I asked her if I could post it, because she is so stinking cute. Emails like this make my day (or week) and I just had to share!

Without further ado:

Hi Shannon! I totally meant to email you last week when this was all fresh in my mind, but all sorts of things have been going on…

So it came time that I NEEDED a wax and a trip to Portland was no where in sight I sucked it up, got a few references, and went to a place down here (most commonly recommended place….since yelp and citysearch are useless down here). Overall the experience was a B+ (heavily weighted by the fact that she got all the hairs down there), but I thought you’d appreciate getting some feedback on all the wonderful things that you guys do to set Urban Waxx apart from some of the the other places out there.

So here we go – top ten things I LOVE LOVE LOVE about Urban Waxx – and didn’t appreciate enough until I was gone

10. Cool products to peruse
9. Even though UW is doing great business and has a huge client base, I always felt like I was needed and appreciated as a client
8. Snack bar in the waiting area…even though I was usually trying to be good and stayed away
7. Online booking
6. Super friendly front desk staff – and real friendly, not cheese ball friendly
5. I was ALWAYS offered a cocktail – even at my 8AM appointments
4. AMAZING decor even down to the bathroom
3. Your stories and personality are awesome
2. After the waxing was done, you’d always go out and give me a little privacy to get dressed (and inspect the work)
1. You (or anyone @ UW)  NEVER made me get on all fours and you still managed to get every hair!

Hope that helps reaffirm all the fantastic things you’re doing