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Episode link: https://www.luscioushustle.com/blog/99-just-do-it-the-truth-behind-massive-growth-with-shannon-beekman

In today’s episode, we are excited to introduce you to Shannon Beekman, the founder and creative force behind Urban Waxx, a west-coast salon that solely focuses on waxing services. She is obsessed with providing unparalleled customer service, and creating an environment in her salons that not only supports her clients, but helps her employees grow and thrive as well.

Today Shannon is here helping us break down how she identified a specific need in the spa market, elevated the waxing experience, and then created a multi-location business with a single mission in mind: deliver over-the-top guest service, while still having fun.



  • How Shannon identified a gap in the spa industry to elevate instead of create [ 7:30 ]
  • What so many women are unfortunately detached from [ 10:20 ]
  • The driving force behind Shannon’s business [ 14:15 ]
  • How you can positively impact your customers [ 14:55 ]
  • How to get started with your big scary business idea [ 18:29 ]
  • How building a business is just like having a baby [ 21:42 ]
  • What can paralyze you as you are building a business [ 23:50 ]
  • One of the biggest differences between the employee and entrepreneur mindset [ 25:30 ]
  • How Shannon prioritizes self-care [ 28:53 ]
  • What “founderitis” is and how it impacts your employees [ 32:00 ]
  • Shannon’s money mindset shift around debt [ 37:05 ]
  • The mindset you need to tackle seemingly insurmountable tasks [ 39:55 ]
  • How being busy can crystallize what is important to you [ 43:00 ]
  • How to focus on the tasks that bring you joy in your business [ 43:55 ]


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