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I have been remiss in my blogging! I haven’t included a large part of our delightful, loyal, and incredibly endearing clientele: our MEN! That’s right, you think that the only people that come into Urban Waxx to take it all off are ladies? Nope. We have so many men that frequently visit us for some manscaping, whether it be brows, backs, or Brazilians. We even offer a “full body” package, which is basically everything from the neck down.

I wanted to address this topic because I got the most wonderful email today. It went a little something like this:

I‘d just like to thank you for doing the Brazilian on men. My wife and I had ours done at Tanasbourne 10 days ago. She thought I was weird for me wanting her to have one and thought I was extremely weird for coming with her to get mine done. What business did a 60 year farmer have in getting his bikini waxed.


She has completely changed her mind on the subject, and, I’m so happy to feel like a man again. It’s an amazing feeling that we are both having after 36 years of marriage. More men should get this message, you should have a blog about it.


Wow! I LOVE this. I love that a 60 year old man had the courage to make an appointment at Urban Waxx (and encourage his wife), I love that our staff made him feel so comfortable, and I LOVE that something like a Brazilian could add spice into a marriage of 36 years. That is fabulous on so many levels! I absolutely agree that paying attention to your nether regions can definitely jazz up a relationship. I can’t tell you how many first time Brazilian clients that we have that come in for an anniversary or birthday gift for their significant other. That’s female AND male clients.

So let’s clear up some misconceptions that you might have about our male clients. To start, we have male clients every day. We have a LOT of male clients. They vary in age from 16 to 60-something. Do you think you could spot a guy who is getting a Brazilian? Well, you’re wrong. We have male clients of all shapes, sizes, ages, backgrounds. I think it’s great that men take the initiative to take care of themselves.

So, are you a guy that has been pondering a male Brazilian? Or do you know one? Well then make an appointment with us. We are completely professional, we will answer all of your questions, and we will keep it all discreet. Like that terrific email says, I hope that more men will get the message!