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Wow. Well, clearly, March has been an eventful month so far, to say the least. Our baby, Stella Carmen, was born 2 weeks early on March 2. It was quite a surprise! I had worked that day, a Saturday, and felt absolutely fine! No twinges, no “gut feelings.” Around 8pm that night my water broke and we drove to St. Vincent’s. I remember thinking on the way there, “There is no way that she can come early. I have a meeting scheduled for this Tuesday! I have clients scheduled all this week!” How silly I ever was to imagine that I was in control of this situation. Ha.

Giving control over is one of the biggest lessons that Stella has taught me. Someone else, for the first time in my life, has me completely wrapped around her tiny finger. I am at the beckon call of an 8.5 lb infant, and strangely, I love it! It’s amazing how much time I have devoted in the past to thinking about myself, and getting my needs met. Now, that has taken a backseat. It’s actually pretty refreshing!
One of the best gifts that I have during this process is the incredible team of women at urban waxx. I know I have said it before, but those girls rock! I called Megan, one of the girls that runs the front desk while I was in labor, to inform her that I would not be coming in to work the following week. Without blinking, she told me that she would handle it all, and not to worry. That was the attitude of everyone that I work with, and for that, I am so grateful. It is so amazing to be able to step away from my business and know that it will be run with as much love and care as I run it with.
When we finally had that staff meeting last Sunday, I tried to express my thanks to the team without crying. It didn’t work. The combination of hormones, lack of sleep, and genuine affection have made me a much more weepy version of myself! But I am so proud of the people that I work with. I enjoy coming in and seeing them. I miss the place when I am gone for more than a day!
Thank you!