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So today we had our monthly staff meeting. One of the new things I was asked to implement was a Suggestion Box for the back room. I have always been reluctant to put one back there, for fear that I would be reading 100 suggestions like: “Can I have an independently wealthy boyfriend?” or “Puffy Cheetos.” There were 1 or 2 suggestions that I rolled my eyes at, but most of them were really great! Someone suggested: “Can you please write a blog telling our clients that we are 100% comfortable with nudity?” So, here it is!

We ARE completely, totally, 100% comfortable with nudity. In fact, I am so immune to seeing my clients naked that I am always surprised when I have a new client that is shy. We get so used to dealing with naked bodies that it honestly does not phase us. We have clients of ALL shapes and sizes, too. You know what I have come to realize that everyone, no matter how beautiful or toned or perfect their bodies are, has body issues. I have clients that have the most perfect bodies, with not an ounce of fat to be seen, and still they will hop on the table and say: “Oh don’t look at my cellulite!” Yes, people, it’s official: people are crazy.

My point in talking about this is that I know that getting naked in front of a stranger can be daunting. There is a fear of the unknown and the huge fear of judgement. But, I can assure you, we don’t judge. We don’t talk about our clients after they leave. We understand that our clients put their trust in us and we feel very strongly about honoring that trust.

Another thing: I promise we aren’t fixating on what your vaginas look like. Although I look at lady parts all day long, when I am waxing, I sort of go into a different mode. All I see is hair and skin. I become a wax robot: “Must. Remove. Hair…Hair. Is. Bad!” Ok, well maybe not quite, but pretty close. I have been doing this for so long that I could probably do a Brazilian blindfolded, all while finding out the gossip about my client’s latest date. It is second nature to me, and to all of us.

So, that’s it. Naked, shmaked, that’s what I say. If your fear of stripping down in front of us is keeping you from visiting Brazil, then relax! If it makes you feel any better, all the waxers at Urban Waxx have seen me with my pants down. Can you say that about your boss?