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It’s been hectic here, as usual. I suppose that as a business owner I should resign myself to the fact that I will probably always be hiring and training new people, and saying good bye to current employees. My wonderful manager, JoAnne, has decided to leave urban waxx at the end of the month. She has decided that she really needs to focus on finishing her degree and look for a career that involves some aspect of that. It’s sad. It’s a loss, to be sure, but I want her to be doing something that she really loves and is passionate about. 

So, we have put an ad in Craig’s List and received literally 100 resumes for the front desk. I find it pretty amazing. I mean, I think working at urban waxx would be fun, but the job market in Portland must be pretty bleak. And then we have to interview dozens of applicants (and when I saw we interviewed, I really mean JoAnne…interviewing is not my favorite thing to do!) But, I think we have finally settled on a few really cute, professional gals to take over the daunting task of manning the front desk while trying to maintain my insanely high standards. Scary.
On a lighter note…has anyone been to Bleuet on 23rd yet? I had a frozen yogurt from there on Wed, and I have been back every day since then. It is absolutely amazing! It tastes like real yogurt, it’s low calorie, low fat and low sugar, and they have amazing, healthy toppings to add on. It’s a little bit like crack. Anyhoo…give it a try!