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So, I love Jimmy Candles. We all do at Urban Waxx. However, I have hemmed and hawed about reordering, because they raised their prices and I wasn’t quite sure Portlanders would be comfortable commiting to a $32 candle. 

BUT, Jimmy just came out with the most wonderful new, eco-friendly packaging, and at only $18 a pop, these little babies will have your room smelling divine for at least 40 hours!
The goal for these candles is to create the most wonderfully fragrant soy candles on the planet-made from the finest ingredients on the planet! Jimmy Belasco’s soy wax formula contains only TWO ingredients: SOYBEANS and a touch of vegetable oil. The fragrance blends are as pure as you can get. Every ingredient in the fragrance blends is active in supporting the overall scent, with NO unnecessary solvents, dilutions or fillers…giving you a pure, solid fragrance that will easily fragrance a good-sized room and maybe two rooms.
Give them a sniff!