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We LOVE some products at Urban Waxx. With the help of the magical Unicorn Angie, we have finding and adding some really great lines at Urban Waxx lately, and we are already gearing up for the Holiday Season! Ugh, I know it’s only August but that is where our heads are at!

Have you checked out these sweet little necklaces by JJ Marcs? These are such a great gift idea and they are so reasonably priced at $30.

What about these candles from Wax by Lax? If you have come into Urban Waxx you will know that we have a real thing for candles. We carry so many different kinds that sometimes people think the Waxx is actually referring to us being a candle store. These candles are really great, smell great, look great, and the company is fantastic. Also so reasonable at $16 or $22.

We also love lip balms. Like, we may need to get a restraining order from all lip balms, because we are constantly adding them to our line up. These little babies by Patrick & Jane are really some of the best we have found. The scent and taste is really perfect, and they go on creamy and smooth…not sticky at all. And for only $5 you kind of have to get one in every flavor. My personal favorite is coconut, but they are all pretty delightful.


Speaking of lips, Angie has been on a roll adding new lipstick lines. I mean, who doesn’t need a new lipstick every week or so? She found the line Shien and we are all swooning over the highly pigmented colors and the creamy consistency. $18 and you can have a strong lip to take you into autumn.


One last lip line: Karen Murrell. Organic lipsticks that go on great and look like a dream. The prettiest colors that really flatter the skin. $20 for endless smooches.


That’s all for now! I’ll be talking about some of our holiday gifting ideas soonish, so get ready to shop!
Peace & Love,