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Well, as I may have mentioned before, I love locally owned, female run businesses. Now, I have nothing against men, mind you. But, hello? I am a female small business owner! How could I not support my sisters in arms?

Last summer I was wandering around the Saturday Market when I noticed a small crowd gathering around one of the booths. That booth happened to belong to Nicole Flood, owner of the fabulous Flood Clothing. That’s her in the pic, wearing one of her creations! She makes amazing hats and clothing out of recycled t-shirts and other garments, and everything that she makes looks terrific on. But, I was smitten with her adorable hats! I tried on about 20, and I tell you, they all looked good! My two girlfriends and I all bought her cute hats that day, and I vowed that I would one day carry Flood Clothing at urban waxx!
Well, fast forward to last month. I finally got it together and called Nicole, and now we are carrying her cute as a button hats. There are 3 unique styles, endless color combinations, and I tell you: they look great on EVERYONE! Say adios to bad hair days! Seriously!