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I love products. Like, LOVE products. I am forever on the hunt for lines that not only do I believe in, but that actually deliver what they say they will do. Enter Lacey Haegen and her absolutely perfect line, Beaute Nouveau.

I was introduced to Lacey by my dear friend and fellow Lady Boss, Meghan Hamilton. She owns the totally adorable Glam Beauty Bar in Vancouver, WA. If you are in the area, go there! Anyway, Meghan and Lacey go waaaay back, and one day Meghan gifted me with one of Lacey’s products. It was an orange cream rinse for the body. I was immediately taken with the smell of this gorgeous body balm. I literally ran home and got in the shower and tried it out. The product was AMAZING! Before you get out of the shower, you take a scoop of this creamy, gorgeous balm, spread it all over your body, rinse off a second, and then step out of the shower. The results: totally smooth, moisturized skin all day.

I was smitten! The next day I reached out to Meghan and she told me that Lacey was in town for a training! Ahh, I love when things work out like that. I met with Lacey that day, and I fell in love with her, too! She is delightful, and she has been in the beauty business forever. It took her 6 years to perfect her line, and I think it was completely worth the wait.

Since then, we have stocked all locations with the Beaute Nouveau line. Also, I went from using 25 different things on my face and body to JUST the Beaute Nouveau line. I wanted to see if I really loved and believed in the products and I can say without a shadow of a doubt: I DO! I love the smells, they leave my skin glowing, and they are completely natural, which I love.

You will die when you try them! Die of happiness in a sweet smelling cloud!