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I admit: I am a sucker for holiday marketing. As soon as I see those red holiday cups at Starbucks, well, I get a little twinkle in my eye. I suck down my calorie laden, once a season eggnog latte, I throw on the Christmas mix on my iPod, and I start planning the Christmas menu. Seriously, I love the holidays. From the minute the last of the Halloween candy is handed out, I am all about Thanksgiving and Christmas.

I am a gal who loves tradition. I like to eat the same thing on every holiday (green bean casserole, jellied cranberries from a can, sweet potato casserole with marshmallows and my Dad’s pecan pie for Thanksgiving), I like to open gifts the same way every Christmas (one on Christmas Eve, stockings before breakfast Christmas morning, then the rest of gifts with coffee), and I simply adore repetition when it comes to the holidays. Any small hiccup can send me into a tailspin. When I was about 8 or 9, my mother decided she wanted to buy a fake tree to alleviate the incredible amount of fallen needles she had to vacuum up from the shag carpet until mid-July. The entire family revolted. Even the cans of “Christmas pine scent” that she sprayed wouldn’t appease us. We protested so vehemently and persistently that the poor fake tree was never seen again. The following year a 10 foot Douglas fir was back in play in the Conley household. Crisis averted. Tradition restored.
Traditions make me feel safe and cozy. I think about creating traditions for Stella with my husband. I think about creating traditions at Urban Waxx. This year we are having the holiday party at my house, and I have some fun surprises for the staff tucked up my Santa sleeve.
I try to be blase about the Christmas season. I try to agree when my clients say that they are tired of the shopping, the eating, the merry making. But inside, I’m still a little kid, rolling out sugar cookies with my Mom, watching my Dad top our tree with the angel we used every year, running downstairs at 5 am with my brother and sisters all in matching pajamas. That’s what I’m feeling while I’m listening to Christmas music and drinking my eggnog latte. Ho ho ho. I feel jolly already!