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We are sooo excited! Today was a great day at urban waxx. Though a moderate amount of trial and error, we (JoAnne and I) launched our online booking capability through the urban waxx website. I am feeling quite pleased with myself after this little adventure. Every day owning a business presents little obstacles that can be kind of fun to navigate! Now, clients can book appointments from the privacy of their own laptop, 24 hours a day. I thought that was pretty exciting.
Most every day I work with my uber capable general manager, JoAnne. She has been a true gift throughout this entire process. I met her when I had my little room over at the ActivSpace on NW Lovejoy. Her boyfriend, Liam, also had a space there. He is an exceptionally talented graphic artist who helped a ton hen we set up the current space. He did the super cool wall decals that are in every room, our business cards, the sign out front…etc…etc.
Anyhoo, I digress. JoAnne and I met and we clicked right away. So, when I told her that I was looking for a general manager, she thought she would be a good fit. And she was so right. It’s completely liberating to be able to leave on a Monday (that’s the day I have off), and not have to think about the business of urban waxx…well at least not obsess about it!
Another great thing…yesterday, JoAnne’s day off, she showed up with a box of dots from Saint Cupcake. Oh dear. I am still having dreams about the cream cheese frosting! Sometimes a red velvet cupcake can make a pregnant gal swoon.