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I posted on our Facebook page that we would be closing on May 29 and May 30th so that we could have our first Urban Waxx retreat. A few minutes later, one of our clients sent us this email:

I just read UW’s latest Tweet and when I read the first part “We are closing Urban Waxx and Urban Waxx Tanasbourne on May 29…”
…  I about lost my sh*t.  I completely panicked.  I thought, oh holy f*ck who is going to wax me now that UW is closing?  Oh my god!  Should I start a petition to keep them open?
….then I read that you’re closing for your UW retreat, and my blood pressure slowly returned to normal, my grip on my Droid loosened and I resumed regular breathing.
Yikes.  Apparently, I love Urban Waxx.

Yes, this was pretty awesome. Don’t worry! I promise we aren’t going anywhere!