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At Urban Waxx, we take our Core Values seriously. They are the foundation for how, why, and what we do every day at Urban Waxx!

  1. We Honor You. This means, we honor everyone. From every person who walks through our doors to every member of our team, we operate with respect and dignity. Waxing is for everyone, and at Urban Waxx we strive to make every single person feel seen, understood, and respected.
  2. The Waxx is just the beginning. The wax may bring you in the door, but the relationship will last a lifetime! This is SO true at Urban Waxx. Over the 12 years that we have been open, we have seen guests over and over, and they feel like family! We have seen people through some of their worst and best moments, and that continued relationship means the world to us! Additionally, so many of our team have met their best friends working at Urban Waxx. Because we attract such incredible people to our team, it is natural that they would get along beautifully!
  3. We run on Time Integrity. Time integrity is so critical for any business that runs on appointment. Because we schedule appointments for all our services, if a guest is late, it can push ALL the other appointments back for the rest of the day, leaving a lot of disgruntled guests! We always strive to be 100% on time, and never keep you waiting! We value you and your time, and we know that your time is precious!
  4. We are always learning, growing and evolving. Our motto is “Always be a teacher, always be a student.” For any business to thrive and survive, we will always be changing. Always looking to be better and do better. We love to look at the way we do things and ask the question: “Can we make it better?”
  5. We love to make a difference. Making a difference can be something small, like creating a sweet moment with a guest or a co-worker, or something big, like choosing a charity to support and donate to. With so many employees at Urban Waxx, if we all decide to make small positive changes every day, the results will be pretty astounding!
  6. We are Family. The average American spends a lot of time at their place of work. We become close to our co-workers, and we learn so much about them. We become, in many aspects, a family. This is very true at Urban Waxx. Urban Waxx is run by a family, and we have become a family. We celebrate each other’s successes. We mourn for each other’s sadnesses. We, for all intents and purposes, have each other’s backs. You can feel that feeling when you walk into every location.

Our entire goal at Urban Waxx is to create a magical experience for our guests. My entire goal, as the Founder of Urban Waxx, is to create the most incredible work environment for my team. Without my team feeling loved and happy and positive, the experience would not be authentic. Happy teams beget happy guests!

I love my team and I am so proud of them. I have met so many powerful, creative, dynamic people over the years that have chosen to make Urban Waxx their home for either a short or a long time, and I am always so humbled that people choose to be a part of Urban Waxx.

Thank you to all of you, who continue to believe in us and what we do.

Check out our Core Values video! It’s a few years old…but I still love watching it!